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explore, create, dream, excel!

What Families LOVE About Us

  • 3 dance styles- ballet, tap, and jazz- in one class, because your child thrives on variety.

  • Super Simple Monthly Installments make things easy- no surprises!

  • Beginners of all ages are placed in class with their peers, NOT with the "little kids."

  • Included fabulous Performance Package with recital costume, t-shirt, pictures, video, and four free tickets

  • An earlier recital and shorter season- leaves plenty of time for summer activities and family fun!

  • No competitions, ever. 

Create! Level (for 2nd and 3rd grade)

Our Create! Dance Curriculum is specially designed for 2nd and 3rd graders. Students increase their technique and skill level through interesting and enjoyable exercises and activities. At this level, they also begin to create their own combinations using steps they have learned- a favorite part of the curriculum!


Dream! Level (for 4th - 6th grade)

Throughout the three years of the Dream Curriculum, Dreamers greatly increase their repretoire of technique and dance steps. They are increasingly comfortable and creative in their choreography challenges, and really begin to take ownership in the community and combinations they are creating. Get ready for big dreams!

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Excel! Level (for 7th - 12th grade)

Our Excel students take their sense of belonging and teamwork to a whole new level. Working together and supporting each other, they create a vibrant community that buzzes with energy and ideas.
Their confidence shines as they contribute their ideas to create recital routines that excite them and give them a sense of ownership and belonging. Their time spent with us during these important formative years helps shape the adults they will become. The lessons learned within our studio will stay with them far beyond their dancing years, helping them excel anywhere life takes them!

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