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For 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.


Our Dreamers are ready for big things, both on and off the dance floor. They definitely know how to dream!

Throughout the three years of the Dream Curriculum, Dreamers greatly increase their repretoire of technique and dance steps. They are increasingly comfortable and creative in their choreography challenges, and really begin to take ownership in the community and combinations they are creating. Get ready for big dreams!

Dream Dance Classes:

  • Dance Foundations (ballet/tap/jazz)

  • Tumbling

  • Hip Hop*

  • Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe* **

*requires concurrent enrollment in Dance Foundations

**recommended at 5th or 6th grade level

"Just wanted to take a minute and say how beautiful and wonderful I thought the dance recital was last night. :) Thank you so much for being a magnificent dance instructor!! You truly are amazing and such an inspiration to all the wonderful dancers you create! Thank you for dedicating the time it takes to help all the girls that walk through your doors become beautiful, graceful dancers, and a huge thanks for each and every teary-eyed, proud mom moment you create when we see our beautiful daughters turn into graceful ballerinas."

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