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For age 3 through first grade.

Explorers are immersed in a magical journey through the

art of dance. They'll explore winter wonderlands, fall farms, spring gardens, and more!


Each year their skills and abilities will increase but the wonder never stops. Enroll your little explorer today, and watch the excitement and magic happen! ♥

Preschool Explore Dance Classes:

  • Dance Foundations (ballet/tap/jazz)

  • Tumbling

Kindergarten and First Grade Explore Dance Classes:

  • Dance Foundations (ballet/tap/jazz)

  • Tumbling

  • Hip Hop*

*requires concurrent enrollment in Dance Foundations

"This was our first year at Danceworks, and I have to say that recital was AMAZING! My husband said he has not had that much fun in ages! You definitely have a rare talent with with all of these kids. I really do not know how you can keep everything organized. It is a great feeling as a parent to see your child develop self esteem which is so important in everyday life.


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