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For 7th through 12th grade.


"You've not only taught me how to dance, but to have confidence and faith in myself."

Our Excel students take their sense of belonging and teamwork to a whole new level. Working together and supporting each other, they create a vibrant community that buzzes with energy and ideas.

Their confidence shines as they contribute their ideas to create recital routines that excite them and give them a sense of ownership and belonging. Their time spent with us during these important formative years helps shape the adults they will become. The lessons learned within our studio will stay with them far beyond their dancing years, helping them excel anywhere life takes them!

Excel Dance Classes:

  • Dance Foundations (ballet/tap/jazz)

  • Tumbling

  • Hip Hop*

  • Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe*

  • Pointe*

*requires concurrent enrollment in Dance Foundations

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