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(5+ years)

  • NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement with the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace. A progressive level system evaluates and advances children on their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the NinjaZone creed. Children advance and learn at their own pace and walk away, stronger, more aware, more coordinated, and more confident.​ Pricing is $130 per 8-week session (pro-rated for longer or shorter sessions) plus $30 uniform fee.

  • Ninjas work on rolling and flipping progressions, cart progressions, vaulting skills, bar progressions, balance challenges, rope climbs and swings, 8 and 10 foot wall runs, ninja kick combinations, and plenty of other surprises! Ninjas work on skill goals for their headband color. As these skills are mastered, ninjas level up to a whole new set of challenges!


  • Ninjas work independently with coaches for the majority of class. Parents are welcomed back during the last 10 minutes each week to see what we've been working on, and watch the ninjas run the full obstacle course! 

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