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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?

Our 2024-25 session is slated to begin September 9. Our season ends with recital early May (date coming soon!). .

What do we need? 

Dance Foundations classes require ballet shoes and tap shoes. Hip-Hop requires black dance sneakers. All are available through the studio and can be purchased at our annual Back to Dance days, or anytime you’re at class. 

Pointe students will receive further instruction when they are ready to get their pointe shoes. 

Tumbling does not require shoes. 

We carry all needed shoes (except pointe)at the studio and have most sizes in stock. Our shoes are great quality and are reasonably priced. If you elect to bring shoes from somewhere else, please make sure they are a reputable brand. Tap shoes, in particular, should not be purchased at discount stores. They are too stiff, and the girls can't stand on their tip toes. Also, they have a terrible sound quality, which makes it hard for the students to hear if they are performing the step correctly. 

At DanceWorks, we like to keep things simple: all dancewear and activewear is permitted for class. We love to see last year’s costumes show up in class too! Whatever makes your child feel like a dancer is perfect!

Long hair must be pulled back.

Can I watch my child's class?

Our classes are thoughtfully designed to foster independence and confidence. Our classes are a kids only zone, where teachers carefully guide students to spread their wings in comfortable surroundings free of outside pressures and distractions. Observing parents, though well-meaning, are a distraction to the entire class and often intimidating to many students. You can feel confident knowing that your child’s safety, comfort, and engagement are top priority at DanceWorks. Your child will be delighted to share their learning with you at the end of class. The studios are for students and team members only. 


Preschool parents are welcome to observe the first week if needed. All parents (and grandparents!) are invited to observe during "Watch Week" in November. Class pictures and videos are frequently shared, giving you an insider view of some of the skills and activities we have been working on. 

For students not ready to attend class without Mom or Dad, please see our Baby Ninjas class, which does allow parent observation.

How much are classes? 

Introducing our new Super Simple payment plans!


Your payments now include all required fees rolled into one! Costumes? Included. Performance Fees? Included. 


Your payment stays the same from month to month- just send in your payment with your student at the beginning of each month.


If you decide not to finish the season, which doesn’t happen often, there are no refunds for portions of installments paid toward performance fees and costumes.


Monthly Super Simple Installments for the 2024-25 season: 

One class per week: $61 

Additional classes: $51 


Pricing refers to the number of classes taken by family members living in the same household.

When is recital?

Please see our season calendar here. 

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